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Apple Podcast Enhance uses AI Technology


In an industry where sound is everything, podcasters are always on the lookout for new tools that can enhance their audio quality and take their productions to the next level. As the popularity of podcasting continues to grow, so does the demand for high-quality episodes. As any podcaster knows, good audio can make or break a podcast. Even the most engaging content can be hard to listen to if the audio quality is subpar. This is where a new tool called Adobe Podcast Enhance comes in.


We can’t stress enough how big of a game changer Adobe Podcast Enhance is. This AI-powered tool can significantly improve the audio quality of poor recordings. With the use of machine learning algorithms, this tool can analyze audio and make adjustments to things like volume, pitch, and background noise, resulting in a more polished and professional sound.


In this article, we will take a closer look at Adobe Podcast Enhance and explore how it can help podcasters improve the quality of their audio. We will also discuss the benefits of using this tool and examine example clips for demonstration purposes. Lastly, we will share our how it is best used.



What is Adobe Podcast Enhance?

 Adobe Podcast Enhance is an AI-powered tool that has been developed specifically to enhance the audio quality of podcast recordings. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze audio and make adjustments to various aspects of the sound, such as volume, pitch, and background noise. The result is a more polished and professional sound, even from poor quality audio recordings.


The tool is incredibly user-friendly, which means that even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy can use it to improve their audio quality. To use Adobe Podcast Enhance, all that’s required is to upload an audio file to the software, click a button, and wait for the tool to do its work. The simplicity of the tool, combined with its impressive capabilities, makes it an attractive option for podcasters who want to improve the quality of their productions.



At Toronto Podcast Studio, we have had the opportunity to try out Adobe Podcast Enhance for ourselves, and we have been blown away by the results. Here are a few examples of audio files that we have enhanced using the tool:

This is a recording from the Gabbin’ With Gavin podcast. In this recording, Gavin starts the off the clip with pretty good raw audio. Later on in the clip, his guest Jacob’s audio is noticeably worse than the host Gavin’s making it less clear and more difficult to hear his contributions. Now take a listen to what the same clip sounds like after running the files through Adobe Podcast Enhance:

Toronto Podcast Studio · Gavin + Jacob Adobe Podcast Enhance

As you can see, Jacob’s audio was much clearer and more audible, making for a much more balanced conversation. Even Gavin’s audio comes through a little cleaner.


In the next example recording, we look at a sample from the Podcast SportsLit. The host, Neil, had great raw audio to begin with. Perdita, the guest, wasn’t in the studio and the remote audio didn’t turn out as well on her end. Listen to this clip to hear both Neil and Perdita:

However, after running the file through Adobe Podcast Enhance, the audio was transformed into something that was not only usable but sounded quite good. Take a listen to how much clearer Perdita comes in:


How to Use Adobe Podcast Enhance

In order to use Adobe Podcast Enhance, you must have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. If you do have a subscription already, you can go here access to it. If you don’t have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, and you would like to get one, you can click here.


Once you’re in there, you can simply click upload. Remember, only one hour or one gigabyte is the maximum upload. If you have more, cut it down in Adobe Audition if it’s longer than an hour or larger than 1GB. After it’s finished processing, you can click on download and save your enhanced file. 


Overall Thoughts on Adobe Podcast Enhance

We have found that Adobe Podcast Enhance can greatly improve the quality of audio that would have otherwise been unusable. The tool has saved us time and frustration by allowing us to salvage audio that we might have otherwise had to discard. We often get people reaching out to us only when a recording has gone terribly wrong with the hope that we can salvage this. We’ve had audio sent to us that we had to tell the client that there was nothing we could do to fix it. Now, this gives us an extra weapon to try out before we call it quits.


Adobe Podcast Enhance is a very powerful tool. It can treat bad quality audio. But if you listen to Perdita in the seconds example, it still isn’t perfect. Don’t rely on it if you’re looking for perfection. It’s always easiest to record high quality first and tweak to your liking, than trying to salvage a poor quality recording. Remember, it’s an AI machine learning tool, and despite it producing incredible results, it’s not guaranteed to work wonders on your audio.


If you’re interested in trying out Adobe Podcast Enhance for yourself, we highly recommend it. This tool is an absolute game changer for the podcast community. Especially for beginner podcasters or those that can’t afford a high-end podcast recording setup. It’s a valuable tool that can help to take your podcast productions to the next level.


Don’t have an Adobe account or you just don’t feel like editing your podcast episode? We’d love the chance to work with you, send us a message!

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