Beyond Soap Podcast

Beyond Soap is the podcast about skincare, self-care, and the never-ending quest to look and feel our absolute best as we age. Dr. Sandy Skotnicki is one of North America’s leading dermatologists and the author of the bestselling book, Beyond Soap. Chantel Guertin is a TV beauty expert seeking happiness by trying out every product on the market. Now, in a new and ongoing podcast, Sandy and Chantel explore the subculture of beauty. What’s the latest news in skincare? An overlooked oldie but goodie, or the hot new product that should be drop-kicked from every purse? With guest interviews and lots of listener interaction, Beyond Soap: The Podcast is your weekly skincare fix.

You can listen to the Beyond Soap podcast here.

Each episode of the Beyond Soap podcast was recorded at the Toronto Podcast Studio and produced by Ghost Bureau Inc.