The Top Toronto Raptors Podcasts to Listen to

Toronto Raptors Podcasts to Listen to

With the NBA season already on its way, the Toronto Raptors start their season tonight in Tampa Bay, Florida. Despite not being able to play in front of a Toronto crowd this season, there are other ways to get close to the Raptors. One way is finding a podcast on your favorite team. Here is a list of the best Toronto Raptor podcasts for you to enjoy:


The Raptors Show with Will Lou

This list would be incomplete without this podcast. It’s the measuring stick when it comes to Toronto Raptors podcast. Not only is it the most listened to basketball podcast in Canada, it’s one of the biggest podcasts in Canada in general. Will Lou and Alex Wong provide great insight, and have personal connections to the team. The sound quality is of course amazing, since it also appears live on Sportsnet 590 The FAN weekdays from 2pm-3pm ET. This show has the production conversation value you would expect for a show that stands at the top of the podcast charts in the basketball category.


Locked on Raptors

With 1350+ podcasts to their name, this podcast has been going strong since October 2016. From the Locked On podcast network, this podcast remains one of the top Toronto Raptors podcasts out there. Posting episodes multiple times a week, host Sean Woodley adds a consistent approach to your favorite basketball team as the season progresses. The host is both knowledgeable and entertaining, and his passion for the team is contagious.


The Rapcast by Raptors Republic

This podcast comes from Raptors Republic, more than just a podcast, the Raptors Republic is a community. Their blog has a star-studded team of contributors. Their podcast features several hosts and episodes in a collection of raptors podcasts such as Raptors Reaction Podcast, Rap Up Live, The Interview, Raptors Weekly, Buckets & Tea, Confederacy of Dunks, Runnin’ Off the Screen, and more. Just look at that beautiful cover art! This is a must-subscribe for the die-hard Raptor fans. 

Raptors Over Everything

Hosted by former Toronto Raptor, C.J. Miles, interviews players and more. Raptors Over Everything is self-described as, “a collection of talented analysts who are truly Raptors Over Everything.” They also post a reaction piece after every game. With 560+ episodes, Raptors Over Everything is a must for Toronto Raptor fans.


Raptors HQ: For the Raptors Fan (That’s a Rap Podcast)

From SB Nation, Raptors HQ tells your right in their name who they’re for. Hosts Jason Leung, Andreas Babiolakis, and Jay Rosales are heading into their 3rd season with the show, and they have in-depth weekly discussions. On top of that, during the playoffs, they offer post-game reaction episodes. With over 2 years and 140+ podcasts, this show definitely worth checking out.


Raptors Digest

The Raptors Digest brings you the latest news, basketball rumours, and heated debates. Hosts Ben Rogers and Ryker Richard bring you some easy to consume raptors content every couple of days. The shows typically run between 15-25 minutes as the boys give their takes.

Live By The 3

Congratulations to our boy, Curly, for releasing his 100th episode. Live By the 3 wasn’t on our radar when we wrote this article the first time in 2020. Since taking the podcast scene by storm in January 2022, there is a tremendous amount of great content on this podcast. Joined by knowledgeable guests, this podcast also offers game reactions and previews. This podcast has improved tremendously since episode 1. The host has settled into his role and you can hear the experience and has moved his show into must listen territory for the hardcore Raptors fan. Keep up the good work!

The SportEthos Toronto Raptors Podcast

It’s true that this podcast looked like it was done producing podcast episodes, but then out of nowhere, Ben Stortini, or should we say, “El Hoopo” puts out two new episodes this week. Rebranded as the “new and improved” SportsEtho, brings a human touch to the podcast. At 50 episodes, and a new rebranded podcast, SportEthos is a podcast to watch out for as it grows in the future!


Dishes and Dimes

If you’re looking for a show with a female lead, this Toronto Raptors podcast is for you. Approaching few years in, the podcast hasn’t had a recent episode but I have a feeling they’ll be back! Check out this podcast!


Tim and Friends

Despite not being a full-on Raptors podcast, it’s no secret that Tim Micallef is a basketball guy. As a prevalent sportscaster in Toronto, check out all the Tim and Friends episodes on the Raptors – and there are lots to choose from!

Are we missing any Toronto Raptors Podcasts? New podcast you want to let us know about? Let us know!

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