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Turning My Podcast Into Multiple Pieces of Content

Turning Your Podcast Into Multiple Pieces of Content
Turning Your Podcast Into Multiple Pieces of Content

Turning Your Podcast Into Multiple Pieces of Content

Your podcast has more value than you may realize. Podcasts are truly the holy grail of content. By turning your podcast into multiple pieces of content, you will leverage one podcast and repurpose it in many different places. Throughout this article, we will show you some options you have. Let’s first start with why you might want to turn a podcast into multiple pieces of content.



You work hard on your podcast, edit, polish all the fine details. You spent a lot of time making it perfect. It would be very easy to post it and move on to the next episode. However, if you take the episode one step further, you could really increase your reach quickly.

There are so many podcasts out there it can be hard to grow your audience. You can simply post a podcast and hope somehow people stumble across it. The better approach from a marketing standpoint is to post parts of the podcast to where people are looking for it.

By posting your content in other places you can reach new people searching for information. For example, let’s say you just interviewed a scientist and you asked a question that a lot of people would be interested in hearing. The problem though is that if you’re only posting audio content in a long form discussion, you could be missing out on other people interested in the conversation.

By posting the same content you’ve already recorded in a different way, you get a chance to build on your audience and have new people discover you. Here are a few different ways that you can post your content:




Transcribe your podcast, or hire someone to transcribe your podcast for you. With a little touch-up, you also now have yourself a blog post. This is also big for overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good overall SEO will have a compound effect. It will help people find your content through search engines, which can also help people find your podcast that it was originally transcribed from.

Having other strong and interesting blog posts will make it helpful for a new visitor to find you and see what your all about. Link your blog posts to your podcast to make it easy for them to check out your show.


YouTube Clips:


If your podcast is an hour or even longer, chances are there are several amazing insights throughout your conversation. If you clip it into smaller clips, it helps for a couple reasons. Having different titles from different clips can help people find something more specific. If they find and enjoy your smaller clips from the podcast useful, they are more likely to tune into the full episode. Also some of your audience may enjoy watching smaller clips if they don’t have enough time to watch an entire episode in one sitting. 

Joe Rogan has one of the most popular podcasts in the world. This strategy has worked great for his podcast, and you can see some examples of what he does here.


Social Media Clips:


You’ve already put in the effort to get the YouTube clips created, so why stop there. Use the same clips, and post them on social media pages as snippets for episodes.  Do this through multiple platforms and use multiple hashtags and you now have a reach to new potential audience members.

It’s common to see soundwaves, text, etc. on your social media clips. Get as creative with it as you want.


BONUS: Guest!


Don’t forget, chances are your guest can sometimes be happy to share your podcast. Podcasts go both ways, as much as it benefits you having a guest, it’s mutually beneficial to a guest to show off their expertise and leave you and your audience with great information.


These tips will get you turning your podcast into multiple pieces of content. If you’re new to podcasting, check out our step-by-step guide to starting a podcast.

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